What Happened To Boxing?

A fight in the school days had been always accompanied with a definite choice of the winner as most of the second grade school boys are extremely talented in understanding the final outcome. If this wasn’t the usual flow of events, one should consider this to be an average or a below average fight which would be nothing but a fight not worth watching.

Boxing also had its charm on the similar grounds of thought wherein it would usually pass the second grade school boy test. This would not only result in a variety of fighting styles, but would also make it a great entertainment package. The love for boxing would arise on being allowed to view a thrilling fight which would include a wide range of combating styles and would even go to extremes if required as well. However, lately boxing seems to have lost its charm as per the good old days.

Most of the fights nowadays especially in the global events like Olympics, have a number of rules during the fight which needs to be carefully followed and abided by to ensure that there is ample amount of scope for the judge to rule out a winner. Olympic boxing is considered to be a paranoid’s idea of politics of different locations. With score points coming only when the white tip of the glove touches the opponents head or body or other such rules, it becomes extremely difficult to understand the actual outcome.

People fail to realize that boxing is a game which is always associated with power and if there is no possible freedom given in terms of allowing the boxer to use their frame of mind and fight to the fullest potential. There is always a thought at the back of the head on the way and position that needs to be maintained in order to bring about a increase in the number of points which finally decides the winner. The fights are nothing less comparable to debates at the parliament wherein the judges are holding the veto.

Boxing would always be related to punches on the face or the nose, going home with scars and bruises and nothing stopping or resisting anyone with the fighting style. The Olympic teams for boxing are nothing but polishes and raw and are in n0o way a comparison to the open handed Russians or the lethal Cubans who would invent their styles on the fly. The essence of boxing has completed been shattered and smeared with petty politics and other such rules and abiding regulations which only bring about sophistication and leave the basic essence of the game. Boxing can still be brought back to what it was in the olden days if there is a joint unanimous effort to ensure that such principles are followed on a regular basis and there are people around to allow boxing to overcome such rigid principles and allow the true essence of the game to emerge.

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