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The Internet is furious at Logan Paulafter he posted a YouTube video showing a dead body in the woods.

Please bewarned: This video will contain graphic imagery, language, and descriptions aboutsuicide.


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In anow-deleted video, Logan Paul shared his trip to a Aokigahara, Japan, an area knownas the suicide woods because the high volume of suicides that occur there.

Logan found a corpse hanging from a tree and decided to film the corpse and hisreaction to it.

The video titled, "We Found A Dead Body In Japan" racked up around 6million views before it was taken down just under 24 hours after it was postedand then was criticized by just about everybody.

Commenters were horrified thatLogan not only filmed the situation, but then treated it in such a flippantmanner.

Check out his introduction to his videoright here.

"I think this definitely marks a moment in YouTube history because I'mpretty sure this has never hopefully happened to anyone on YouTube ever.

Nowwith that said, buckle the f*ck up because you're never going to see avideo like this again.

" I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to findout that your loved one has committed suicide, and then not only that to findout that it has been videotaped and broadcasted to the entire YouTubecommunity and called "a moment in YouTube history.

" I think it's safe to say thatthis is exploitative, just disrespectful, and really sad, and an even sadderdepiction of where we've come with You- Tube.

Last night, Logan Paul was trendingon social media as YouTubers, celebs and longtime fans took to talking about theoffensive video.

From Aaron Paul: Dear Logan Paul, How dare you! You disgust me.

I can't believe that so many young people look up to you.

So sad.

Hopefullythis latest video woke them up.

You're pure trash.

Plain and simple.

Suicide is not a joke.

Go rot in hell.

" Whoa.

Tell us how you really feel.

FromAnna Akana: Dear Logan Paul, When my brother found my sister's body,he screamed with horror and confusion and grief and tried to save her.

Thatbody was a person someone loved.

You do not walk into a suicide forest with acamera and claim mental health awareness.

" From Zoe London: I'm so so sorry if yousubscribe to Logan Paul as escapism but we're left facing that in your subbox today.

In the UK you can call 116 123 and in the US it's 1-800-273- 8255 and you can talk to peoplewho are there for you.

Also unsubscribe.

You are loved.

From Erica Heidewald: I just read about the Logan Paul thing and just.

Jesus Christ.

I feel likeI'm in shock.

This is why it's important to be PEOPLE, not just brands or contentcreation machines or ironic detachment jokesters.

Logan Paul lost his humanity.

" Alot of the debate on the topic is over the fact that he laughed when he found adead body.

Logan defended himself by saying humoris a coping mechanism, but he went way past initial shocked laughter.

He shot awhole video, had it edited, and a thumbnail made.

The last part is crucialbecause with any YouTube video it takes time to shoot it, come up with theconcept, and then have it edited.

He even put it into a thumbnail form.

He had allthis time to consider whether this video was a good idea and he did it anyway.

From Philip DeFranco: Just remember this before all theextended community outrage against Logan Paul's "we found a dead body" video, therewas a seemingly uncontested 550 to 600,000 likes on it.

His core audiencedoesn't give a f*ck.

Unless YouTube does something, this doesn't hurt him.

"Logan removed the video and posted an apology which kind of seemed a littlebit more like an excuse where he got to talk about how many views he gets on anongoing basis.

He said in part, "I do this sh*t every day.

I've made a 15-minute TV showEVERY SINGLE DAY for the past 460+ days.

One mayunderstand it's easy to get caught up in the moment without fully weighing thepossible ramifications.

" Logan didn't really seem to get the severity of whathe'd done or why people were angry in the first place and it just made peopleangry.

Game of Thrones Sophie Turner responded to him: @LoganPaul You're anidiot.

You're not raising awareness.

You're mocking.

I can't believe howself-praising your "apology" is.

You don't deserve the success (or views) you have.

Ipray to God you never have to experience anything like that man did.

" So, Loganuploaded another attempt to add an apology.

He described his actions as"heartless and cruel" and said he does not expect to be forgiven," but let'sacknowledge that we've seen this whole song and dance from YouTubers who havegiven apologies previously where they do this whole thing where they like lookaway, down, their voice cracks, their eyes get really small, it looks like they might cry at any moment.

It's hard to decide whether his apology is actually genuine and whether he trulyunderstands the severity of what he did.

Is he sorry that he did this, or is hejust sorry that people are upset at him for doing it? And we haven't even gottento the fact that he walked into the suicide woods wearing a Toy Story beanie.

In the past year, YouTube stars and YouTube culture has come under fire astop stars have been way more shameless in their "anything for a view" behavior.

PewDiePie paid people to say anti-semitic things, DaddyOFive andothers were arrested for child abuse.

If YouTube is going to improve in 2018,we're gonna need YouTube to monitor their content more closely, and you, theviewer, are gonna have to be a little bit more picky as farwhere you choose to put your views.

He does talk about how humor was his way ofdealing with things and laughing about it, and I do understand that a lot ofYoutTbers feel pressure to be happy in front of the camera and to make surethat their audience is entertained at every turn, but the whole thing aboutYouTube, and what makes it so special, is the personalization of it; the fact thatyou get to hang out with that person and know more about them from watching theirvideo.

I think this would have been a very different situation if Logan hadexperienced it, and then maybe not shown all of that and glamorized it and justspoke into the audience about the situation.

We want to know what you guysthink.

Was his apology genuine? Was it just an honest mistake?Should there be consequences for his actions? Let us know in the COMMENTSbelow, and for more trends head to whatstrending.