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The latest viral craze in China, a reverse makeup tutorial is called the makeup removal challenge Hey, you're watching What's Trending I'm Martine Beerman

Make sure to subscribe for more stories about people who just take it off Chinese video app Douyin, also known as Tik Tok, is being filled with first-person videos of people showing, instead of a Before & After, an After & Before Though the posts don’t reference it specifically, the idea appears to be to show the real human beauty under the layers of makeup And this isn't just taking off some foundation and mascara, these are removals of fake eyelashes, wigs and even prosthetic noses The makeup removal videos are among some of the biggest trends on Tic Tok which was the most downloaded app in the world in the first quarter of 2018

In June alone, they had 150 million monthly active users But despite its popularity in China, we haven't seen the makeup removal challenge take off here in the US Maybe the Kardashian's would have to start it off for it to become a massive trend Also who wants to see a video of what people look like first thing in the morning? 'Cause that's what I imagine most people look like without makeup

Maybe in the US we just want to look our finest and most glamorous at all times cause I go to sleep with makeup on and wake up looking like this every day the video might be partially in response to the karma's a bitch challenge another Chinese makeup transformation trend using a sound clip from the show Riverdale But in that trend, you'd throw a sheet over your head and go from no makeup to full makeup in a single cut

Gosh! I wish that was real life Now there are of course videos from North America and Europe of people removing their makeup, though they're more centered around product reviews and skin health instead of just showing the process In 2016, British YouTuber Sophia Mitchell started a challenge with the same title encouraging fans to take off their makeup on camera And of course, this really lived up to its name as a challenge as it takes a considerable amount of bravery for a lot of young women to reveal themselves online without makeup Not to mention the fact that sometimes if you've really messed up your stuff, then to get it off is way harder

Just like had a rough night, it's just goopy down your face So the videos from China are shorter and shared only within the app they likely take the same amount of courage for those who are used to only being in public with makeup on In all fairness, I put on makeup cause I kinda think it's fun it's like doing art on my face But I do spend a lot of time not wearing makeup too For whatever reason, when I'm not wearing makeup, I feel that I'm approached a lot more by people of the opposite sex

Maybe it's a thing that if you're wearing makeup it's a little bit more intimidating and it's a mask of some kind that creates a barrier between you and other people Food for thought here on What's Trending Who knows, maybe I'll show up tomorrow and just be like I wake up in the morning to show up right here and do a segment There are definitely issues of perception when it comes to how we view others wearing makeup A 2016 study showed that men perceive women who wear makeup as more prestigious and women are more likely jealous of other women wearing makeup

I think that if you're going to use makeup as a form of artistic expression or a way to make yourself feel better then that is fantastic If you're using it as a way to cover yourself up so that other people don't see you or there's parts of you that you're ashamed of, then I think it becomes a bit of a problem So I do love this challenge because I think it is an opportunity for people to really show their true selves But I was also thinking, you could do a backward challenge where you put your makeup on and then you just put the video backward Maybe that's kind of what this is and some people are tricking you

Okay, maybe you'd know the difference between wiping, and then brushing things back and it being on the cloth, but how cool of a challenge would that be? The backwards makeup challenge started right here at What's Trending, folks What do you guys think of this makeup removal challenge? Are you going to be trying this at home? Are you going to be posting a video? Cause if you do, leave it in the comments, and for more trends, head to WhatsTrendingcom