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An 18-year-old from New Jersey faces up to a decade in prison for what police say was a school shooting threat, and what he says was just a song on Soundcloud You're watching What's Trending, I'm Martine Beerman

Make sure to subscribe for more social media and news stories every day Michael Schmitt used to attend James Caldwell High School in West Caldwell, New Jersey, but he'd been placed into a home school program after consistent disciplinary issues He'd been suspended multiple times, including once for testing positive for THC Then, in February 2018, he posted a rap song to his SoundCloud account with the title: "u lil sluts @jchs i love you all even tho y'all hurt me and i forgive you i would never hurt u”

The song featured crude lyrics like "you can suck my d*ck" and "you're gonna get cracked on the head like an egg, b*tch" I don't even think at 18 like the thought of saying those words would come out of my mouthHe posted the song on Snapchat and Twitter where it was seen by a JCHS student who listened to the song and saw Schmitt's profile photo on SoundCloud where he appears to be pointing a gun at the camera That student told a parent, who told a teacher, who then called the police That afternoon, James Caldwell High School was put on lockdown and Michael Schmitt was arrested

Yeah, because you can't go around just saying, "Hey I'm just gonna shoot everyone up and suck my" you know? In a new BuzzFeed profile, Michael Schmitt says he's a misunderstood kid who never had any intention of causing violence at the school

He said: "It's scary to me that I'm being associated with [school shootings] because of this rap song" Yeah, you think, buddy? Timing! Hello! But JCHS principal Jim Devlin stands by the school's decision to call the police He said: "A student associated with our school put a violent song on SoundCloud, which reference is killing somebodyand posts a picture of him with a gun, and made a connection to girls at our school If you put all that together, it does seem pretty threatening At that point it's not my job to say, Is it credible? Is it not? We have to protect our students and families" A lot of this comes down to the title of the track which refers to "u lil sluts" Schmitt does say he calls his guy friend "sluts", and says he wasn't actually targeting any of the girls at the school

Nevertheless, some female students still felt threatened and the family of a female student on May 1st even successfully got a restraining order against Schmitt for "terroristic threats and cyber harassment" In a court hearing, prosecutors made the case that the violent nature of Schmitt's lyrics, especially in light of the national climate surrounding school shootings, gave adequate cause for alarm And the video is again the SoundCloud the the rap song, which was violent in nature, aggressive in nature, and it caused quite the alarm, especially given the context of recent news events, judge And I'm happy that schools are on high alert for this kind of threat It makes total sense

Since the shooting in Parkland, Florida on February 14, investigators are combing through all the evidence that shooter Nikolas Cruz left behind, showing him as a severely disturbed individual, whose behavior raised numerous red flags that failed to be addressed And several mass murderers over the past few years have at least been partially motivated by sexual frustration Toronto van attacker Alek Minassian was even a self-proclaimed "incel" – embracing an ideology that women are shallow and vindictive, and blaming this for their lack of sexual success But Michael Schmitt says he's not an Incel as the local authorities might be thinking based on his "u lil sluts" title And his life has been genuinely affected by this

He lost his job as a package handler for UPS, and he says that even if the charges against him were dropped, he doesn't have a life back in his hometown after this So then this brings up a great debate – what is just artistic expression, and what is a genuine threat? BuzzFeed brought up the case of Randy Ross, a rapper whose video for "School Shooting" was filmed outside of public high schools in Greece, New York The grand jury ultimately decided not to indict Ross after it was determined that his lyrics didn't pose a credible danger to the community On one side, I do feel sad for this kid, because clearly, in my opinion, the song is some kind of self-expression for maybe some frustration based around, obviously, as we've said, sexual frustration Maybe he's frustrated with his classmates or feels lonely or isolated and that does happen in a lot of the case with many of the shooters that we've seen that have gone and done school shootings

So, on that side I completely appreciate that both police and schools are paying more attention to this kind of thing and taking more action to prevent it, but I believe that they've searched the kids house, he doesn't have any weapons, and from the sounds of things, this is just a song that's gone wrong by a kid who does not get the culture of right now at all These are the kids that need emotional support and help and therapy, so maybe there's another way to help them get through their anger and their frustrations So what do you guys think? Should Michael Schmitt be let go or do his lyrics present a realistic threat or is there a third option? Let us know in the comments, and for more trends head to whatstrendingcom