Record snowfall sets Alps in state of emergency | DW News

It's become a military operation German soldiers called in to help Berchtesgaden – where a state of emergency has been declared

The Bavarian town hasn't seen snow like this for years And the dangers are all too real We have many requests to help clear the roofs of buildings In the town of Bad Reichenhall, 13 years ago, almost around this exact time, 15 people died, many of them children, when a roof collapsed It's important to keep a close eye on the roofs and secure any that pose a danger

Heavy snowfall has completely cut off the Southern German town of Jachenau It may look like a perfect picture postcard, but there are increasing concerns that food supplies are running low In Switzerland, guests were lucky to survive an avalanche that came crashing through their hotel Photos on social media show the devastation as the 300-metre avalanche swept into the building at the Schwargalp mountain pass injuring three people In the mountains around Innsbruck in Austria, they too are on Avalanche stand-by

There are concerns that if the weather improves, people may take unnecessary risks The fear is that people will say, well there is a lot of snow the weather is better And our experience from the last 30 years has shown that the first day of improved weather is really dangerous, it`s when most avalanche accidents happen More than four metres of snow has already fallen in this region For those living here, the hard work looks set to last sometime