Reasons why you need to know who your customers are!

I took a cue from someone a while back and instead of signing my credit cards on the reverse side I wrote in large black permanent marker SEE I. D. The hope is that, should someone steal my card and try to use it, they will be foiled when my instructions cue the clerk to the illegal activity about to transpire in his/her establishment. The problem is no one ever checks the back of the card. No one that is aside from the receptionist at most not likely of places: MY DENTIST!

I simply spent over 1 hour having people poke me in the mouth area, scrub my tooth, and take 360 level X-rays of my head. Three differing people examined me and entered information into a pc containing a data source document with my information. And by the end of everything I hands them my credit cards which includes my name onto it (the same one in the computer) plus they actually ask me to see my I. D.??? They blindly follow the instructions I organized for them. The safeguard that I put in place to stop would-be thieves from buying nachos at 7-Eleven with my plastic is currently making me feel like the newest brand of criminal: the forerunner of Dental Identity Theft. They did exactly what I asked. So whats the problem?

We are at a pivotal second in society right as it pertains to customer support now. Interactions have grown to be so impersonal. We buy online and over the telephone. We use self-checkout in the home Stop-n-Shop or Depot. The man at the gas place doesn’t treatment enough to check out the personal on the trunk of your credit card to find out if you’re ripping someone off. As well as your dentists office cares so little about customer support that they make you feel like you’re going through JFK airport when you go to pay your bill. People who are in the supposed customer care business have lost the ability to think on their feet. They have lost the ability to take policy and protocol and determine where its appropriate and where it is just illogical.

The companies that truly remain successful in the coming years are going to be those who know and understand their customers. When was the last time you took a moment to really get to know your customer? Do these are allowed by you to have meaningful connections with you or your organization? Or, should you check their I. D.?

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