Nvidia GeForce NOW Price

– Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here at CES along with NVIDIA about to take a look at GeForce NOW.

So not only were they awesomeenough to sponsor this video, but if you guys caught myvideo a couple of months ago where I took a look atGeForce NOW for the Mac you’ll know that itactually works pretty well.

So in that video I wasusing a 2009 MacBook I got for 200 dollars on eBay and playing proper PC games using the internet game stream tech.

Which sounds really exciting and fancy.

Now, not only is that still around but today we’re actually ableto also play now on the PC.

One of the big advantages of GeForce NOW is that you can play games on hardware that you normally couldn’t.

So take for example, this.

This is the HP Stream andit’s a 200 dollar laptop.

I’ve actually done a videoon this a little while back.

And while it’s not a bad computer, gaming is definitely not its strong suit.

Since this is cloud gaming we are relying on having a decent internet connection.

So this guy is going to be hardwired in.

But beyond that, the requirementsactually aren’t too crazy.

In addition to GeForce NOWbeing available for the PC there are also now someUplay games available which is why I’m playing Rainbow Six.

Ah, Oh, Okay that’s not good.

This is a lot of fun.

Something I’m noticinghere is that the latency really just is not that bad.

Even when I’m getting into gunfights Main thing that kills me is uh you know, my expert skills.

One of the nice parts about this is that because we areplaying via the cloud we’re actually able to crankthe settings up pretty high.

So I’m curious where are weactually running at right now.

Running at very high settingson a Tesla P40 because you know, that’s exactly what I want toplay on my 200 dollar laptop.

Since I did my last video,GeForce NOW has actually seen some updates including there’s now anactual search function.

So if you want to look for aspecific game, you can do that and what’s even more exciting is there’s now an ultra streaming mode.

The idea here is that in the cloud the game is going to be runningat 120 frames per second and then you’re going to still get a 60 frame per secondfeed to your computer.

The idea is, is that will helpto cut down on some latency.

Now it’s not supported on all games.

One game that is supported is Fortnite.

Something interestinghere is we’re playing on a slightly higher end computer.

So this resembles a standard Ultrabook and while it has actually a nicer screenwhich is definitely helpful, the actual experience of playing the game should be the exact same.

So like five seconds in,I can tell that this is actually a slightly smoother experience.

So, while there’s verylittle latency on this edge having the game run at 120Hz although I don’tactually have actually a 120Hz panel just does cut down latencyever that much more.

Also, I deployed myparachute way too early.

(laughs) And actually what’s interesting is, so we’re in Las Vegas right now.

The actual server we’re playingthis on is in Los Angeles, which is a few hundred miles away.

Next we have actually PUBG which is the most populargame on GeForce NOW and well, basically everywhere else.

So the demo here is we have actually twoidentical 400 dollar laptops one running the game natively at a slightly less than optimaltwo frames per second on low and the other runningthe game at full 1080p 60 on well, GeForce NOW.

So, what’s kind of interesting and something very helpfulthat Nvidia has actually provided is a full chart showing theperformance gains you can expect when you stop using the integratedgraphics on your laptop.

As you can see, thesenumbers are much higher.

Look, I don’t have actually to do this.

This is something that I don’t need to do, but I’m going to try to playPUBG at two frames per second.

Because I don’t have actually a reallygood reason actually.

I’m just going to try it.

So, really impressiveexperience I got to say.

The graphics are unrivaledand the frame rate is what some would certainly call buttery-smooth.

I mean, there’s less thanprobably five seconds of latency between when I hit a button and when I actually see mycharacter move on screen.

If I stop There he stops.

Anyway, I’m going tomove on to GeForce NOW.

I think that’s.

For real though, this is a great demo of what makes GeForceNOW really interesting.

The idea that along with a 400 dollar laptop that has actually pretty low end internals, I mean, this resembles a Pentium, that’s able to play games like PUBG at a really nice and smooth frame rate.

Obviously, you need agood internet connection, but almost it even makesmore sense along with PUBG because you need a goodinternet connection to play it, anyway.

Odds are if you’regoing to be playing this you’re going to havean internet connection that’s going to bedecent enough to actually be able to stream the game.

I mean, PUBG is maybe notthe greatest looking game in the world, but especiallythe last few patches really have actually made it look nice.

And the desert map, actually,looks pretty decent.

Even though I know nothing aboutwhere anything is right now.

Oh, oh, hello, hello, hello.

Nope, nope you don’t! Yeah, there we go.

I got one kill.

I feel very proud and accomplished that I caught a guy as hewas running out of a building and successfully got him.


So, while the GeForce NOW beta for Mac has actually been out for a few months.

It is now available forPC and it is still free.

At least until Nvidiacomes to their senses.

Now the cool thing isthat if you were already on the Mac beta you canget on this immediately, but if you haven’t tried it at all yet you can get on the wait list and they’re going to beadding more people every week.

So, if you guys have actually not tried this it is definitely worth a look, but what do you guysthink about GeForce NOW? Let me know in the comments below and I will catch you on the next one.