Mike Tyson Is Building A WEED RANCH in California | What’s Trending Now!

Weed is officially legal in California,and Mike Tyson is getting in on the "green rush" to profit off the newly openmarket.

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Mike Tyson has beenmany things in life: a boxer, a movie star, a video game star, an animated detective,and a real-life criminal.

And now he's adding a "weed entrepreneur" to hisWikipedia page.

According to The Blast, Tyson and his two business partnersplanned to build a massive "cannabis resort" in the deserts of SouthernCalifornia.

The trio officially broke ground on their property in December.

Forsome of you who may be living under a rock, as of January 1st, Californiabecame the 6th state to legalize recreational marijuana, so Tyson andcountless others now have the ability to sell marijuana legally with a license.

And for all of you who want to buy it and smoke a lot of weed, you can! Now I couldtell my kids that back in my day we dealers were sketchy creeps who justwent to prison and were losers and now they're millionaires! Oh how times havechanged.

The resort is called "Tyson Ranch" and will dedicate half of its 40 acresto growing and cultivating the plant.

They plan to employ" professional growers"who will research and develop new strains of weed.

Also, Tyson Ranch plansto have an educational school and a hydro-feed plant and supply shop forpeople looking to learn more about growing cannabis themselves.

But the maindraw for Tyson's Ranch will be their "premium 'glamping' campgrounds and cabins.

"And, don't worry, you won't be roughing it.

This is basically 'glamping.

' They'll alsohave live music, an amphitheater, and a factory for edibles.

So you can havebowls of fun! The property is also close to Edwards Air Force Base, and the plan isto staff the ranch with mostly veterans.

Tyson Ranch will also supply those inservice with CBD, which is the compound in marijuana.

It doesn't get you high, butdoes alleviate stress, which has been used to treat PTSD.

So basically MikeTyson is saving the world, because he's gonna be supplying jobs,helping veterans, and guess what? When you do anything with weed, you pay taxes, andthat could help a lot.

Like help with the education system, and clean up our roads,and just help overall pay off the debt of all of our cities.

So it's a win-win! And to give you a sense of how big this is, not just big interms of how many people will be smoking weed, but how much it can actually help,there will be thousands of jobs made and California has the ability to collect 1billion in tax dollars in 2018 alone.

To give you a little comparison, it tookColorado 3 years to hit 500 million.

That's half of what California would hitwith this legalization in a year.

So, go California! Congrats on all yoursmoking.

So we don't know when Tyson Ranch will open, but the newbusiness already has official support from the local government.

We're hopingthe attraction will usher in a rebirth for the surrounding areas.

And Mike Tyson was known to use marijuana well before it was legal.

He even said inhis memoir that he would get high before a big fight.

He also was very publicabout his marijuana use when he was arrested for cocaine possession in 2007.

So I guess he was ahead of his time.

And a lot of people on social media areposting their supports with comments like: "I'm ready to work.

Sign me up.

" And"How long will it take before he's gonna shill a weedcoin?" But not everyonethinks that this new development is amusing.

According to Leafbuyer, a marijuana industry website, California producesabout 5 times the amount of weed that Californians smoke.

Even with tourismaccounted for, California already makes more marijuana than it knows what to do with.

This also makes it much harder for smaller businesses to compete in themarket.

And when industries like this go mainstream and more celebrities jump onboard, it's harder for mom and pops to survive – the ones who have been therefrom the beginning.

I mean think about your local weed dealer.

Doesn't he or shedeserve a shot? at Tyson Ranch won't be America's first weed resort.

Coloradoopened the country's first ever one in 2016.

Called "CannaCamp,"it's a 170 acre ranch with cabins, supplied meals, and of course, an opensmoking policy.

They also offer yoga! Now to state hasseveral vacation packages with names like Kush Tourism and High Life Tourspurely for out-of-state visitors who want to experience the pleasure ofhassle-free bong hits.

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