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Overview: “The Darkening of Tristram was released to celebrate the Diablo Franchise’s 20th Anniversary.

The event runs every year in the month of January only. This event has been made to look like the old Diablo 1 with pixelated graphics and directional movement has been reduced to eight directions.

Blizzard recommends players undertake this event with a new character although any existing character can be used.”


Where is the Darkening of Tristram?

  • Players tackle a 16 level dungeon which can be accessed from the Adventure Mode menu and by entering The Old Ruins.
  • Once inside The Old Ruins, head south until you see a blue portal. Enter the portal and retro-vision mode kicks in.
  • To enter the first dungeon, head north the Cathedral and enter. The event will then begin.
  • Players must reach level 16 and take on Diablo to earn the Red Soulstone Reward.


Basic Overview

“Roll a fresh level 1 in adventure mode, tp to the old ruins. The portal is South of the D3 port you came in on. Go through that portal while still a level 1. In other words, don’t kill anything.

After you get through the port, into the Labyrinth you can teleport back and forth to town to use the blacksmith, raid your shared stash (gem of ease in a level one weapon makes the trip a breeze) buy gear from NPC’s, sell drops and so on. You have to make your first trip through lvl 1-16 in the same session, only takes a couple hours, even if you kill everything in the lab, including the secondary areas. Kill em all, even in the secondary areas, and DO NOT DIE.

You’ll complete most of the achieves in the first trip through, but you’ll need extra runs to finish a few of them. There are some decent guides on the web if you don’t mind streamers.”



To obtain the Demon portrait, every unique monster must be killed in the dungeons and are found on the following levels.

  • Level 2 — Rotfeast the Hungry, Shadowbite
  • Level 3 — Brokenhead Bangshield, Madeye the Dead,
  • Level 4 — Blacklash the Burning, Gharbad the Weak, Snotspill
  • Level 5 — Bloodskin Darkbow, Foulwing, Shadowcrow
  • Level 6 — Bilefroth the Pit Master, BloodgutterDeathshade, Fleshmaul
  • Level 7 — Blighthorn Steelmace, Gorestone, Nightwing the Cold
  • Level 8 — Baron Sludge, Firewound the Grim, Zhar the Mad
  • Level 9 — Breakspine, Brokenstorm, Oozedrool
  • Level 10 — Blackstorm, The Flayer, Goldblight of the Flame
  • Level 11 — Bluehorn, Fangspeir
  • Level 12 — Lionskull the Bent, Viperflame, Viletouch
  • Level 13 — Rustweaver, Warlord of Blood, Witchmoon
  • Level 14 — Graywar the Slayer, Steelskull the Hunter, Stareye the Witch
  • Level 15 — The Vizier
  • Unholy Altar — Blackjade, Red Vex
  • Level 16 — Sir Gorash

To obtain the Angel portrait players need to hunt down Temporal Priests in all five acts of Diablo 3 and they drop a total of seven Cultist’s Pages. Once all seven are collected players earn the the Achievement ‘I Sense a Soul in Search of Answers’.



Butcher pet: As previously mentioned, it is recommended to do your first clear of the Anniversary Event solo and with a level 1 character, as this yields the ‘An Eerie Red Glow Blurs Your Vision’ achievement and the Butcher pet at the end.

The Royal Calf pet: Obtaining this pet naturally follows crafting a Wirt’s Leg. Instead of the usual Forgotten Soul, salvaging a Wirt’s Leg yields a Map of the Stars reading the sequence ‘2-1-3’. Head back to Adria’s Hut in the event area, and note the cow corpses outside. Click them in the described sequence, or more specifically: middle, left, right. This triggers the Abandoned Farmstead entrance to the right; a small area whose only notable feature is the ‘Wirt’s Stash’ chest in the middle. It contains the Royal Calf pet.

More being added to this 2018 guide soon…

This is the same for 2018 as 2017


This is the walkthrough for the Darkening of Tristram secret guide! The end result is the Royal Calf pet.

If another pet isn’t for you, then you can ignore this walkthrough.

First step is to find the Rotten Mushroom The mushrooms are found in Level 9 or level 10.

I found them twice already during both playthroughs I did.

As you can see, I have a Rotten Mushroom in inventory.

Once you have that, go to the thing that looks like Adria’s Hut.

There you will find a Cauldron.

Click on the Cauldron and the Rotten Mushroom will disappear from your inventory.

However, a Witch’s Brew will drop.

I already had one from before as I wasn’t sure what was going on before.

To the right of this hut are dead cows.

Do not click the cows.

Instead, head back to town.

First, you need to revive Farnham.

He’s down toward the south of the town.

He drops a Drunkard’s Debt.

Pick that up, and give that to Ogden.

He’s at the top of the town.

He drops Garda’s Letter.

Take that letter to Pepin.

Pepin drops a Healer’s Prescription.

Take that to Griswold.

Griswold drops a plan for Wirt’s Leg.

Take that to your own Blacksmith.

Once you teach the Blacksmith Wirt’s Leg, you can find it under Mace.

Sadly, this costs 1,000,000 gold to craft.

Yay! Now we have the leg.

This gives us a new transmog.

Plus, we get an achievement.

Next step, we need to salvage the leg.

This gives us a Map of the Stars.

The hint in the text of the Map of the Stars tells us how to click the dead cows besides Adria’s Hut.

The order is simple.

The map states 2, 1, 3.

That corresponds to the middle cow, the left cow, and then the right cow.

This opens up an abandoned farmstead.

Go there.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing to fight here.

It was disappointing.

I was expecting something to fight.

Just find the chest.

There! There’s the pet.


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