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As an avid cooking and deep frying fan from south Louisiana, I have tried many different recipes to find the perfect home-fried chicken. I have dabbled with various south Louisiana spices and deep fryers looking for the right combination. Sometimes, less can mean more when referring to ease of cooking and quality of the final product. In this article, I will show the recipe that I find to be the easiest and most effective way for deep frying chicken southern style. Personally, I prefer to use a professional style deep fryer with all the bells and whistles. However, a simple deep frying pot is all you really need to get started.

Recipe for Southern Fried Chicken

Ingredients needed include:

1. Canola oil (or any other frying oil that you might prefer)

2. Chicken (cut into pieces)

3. Ice

4. Cayenne Pepper

5. Zatarain’s chick fri

6. Zatarain’s fish fri

7. Garlic power

8. Water


1. The first thing we do is heat our grease (canola oil). Using one of our deep fryers, we place enough canola oil to cover all the chicken we will be boiling. Do not overload the deep fryer (or frying pot). We suggest only frying a few pieces of chicken at a time.

2. While the grease is heating, we clean our chicken in water and then cut into pieces that will be fried. Then, we place the cut pieces into a pan of water making sure that all pieces are covered.

3. Next, we sprinkle cayenne pepper over the water and mix with the chicken (the amount of pepper used depends on the fryer’s preference); as a general rule, make sure that you at least cover the top water layer.

4. While the chicken is soaking and the grease/oil is heating, we prepare the following mixture: one bag of Zatarain’s chick fri + one bag of Zatarain’s fish fri. To this, we add cayenne pepper and garlic powder (again, the amount depends on the deep fryer’s preference); the first time using this recipe, we suggest using small amounts of each (1-2 teaspoons). You can always adjust with future recipes.

5. Once the oil/grease is boiling (temperature of about 350 degrees), we remove the chicken from the water and place in our batter mix (see step 4). Make sure each piece of chicken is appropriately battered.

6. Add the chicken to the deep fryer and cook for approximately 16 minutes. If using a deep fryer with an internal basket, you can simply raise the basket once the chicken is cooked. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when using deep fryers. Safety is very important because you want to do everything possible to avoid getting burned with hot grease. If you have any questions or doubts at all about what you are doing, make sure to get these doubts cleared before using hot grease or deep fryers.

7. Once the chicken is cooked, remove carefully from the deep fryer or frying pot using the appropriate utensil(s). Once cooled enough, enjoy some of the best southern fried chicken imaginable.

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