2018 Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas on Tuesday

Tech enthusiasts around the world over arein Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

to check out cutting-edge products,that's big on artificial intelligence.

Korean firms are also set to be taking centerstage with their latest gadgets.

Won Jung-hwan tells us more.

The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show is beingheld in Las Vegas starting Tuesday.

under the slogan "The Future of Smart Cities.

" As the slogan suggests, this year's show wasall about AI-loaded high-tech products, devices and services.

Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant tookthe spotlight.

Amazon's Alexa has started its march intokitchens and living rooms around the world,… and Google Assistant, which was released in2016, is now used in many household appliances as well as Android smartphones.

Hundreds of other companies are followingthe trend, including Korea's two tech giants, who showcased their unique assistant servicesat the event.

LG has been keen to show off its latest homerobot at the Las Vegas event.

The robot, named CLOi , made it up on stageand interacted with smart home gadgets while helping out with household tasks.

LG also showed off its latest TV models, whichare equipped with AI technology.

The firm said the 2018 OLED TV will use GoogleAssistant alongside a native system to perform AI capabilities, such as allowing viewersto interact with their TV using their voice.

South Korean tech giant Samsung also showcasedits own assistant, 'Bixby', which is integrated in its 2018 Smart TV.

Samsung also presented a QLED TV that usesartificial intelligence to turn standard definition content into high definition video.

This includes detail enhancement and noisereduction of any type of content regardless of the source.

The Consumer Electronics Show runs until Fridayand is expected to draw more than 170-thousand people.

Won Jung-hwan, Arirang News.