「Dian」 | HOT NEWS| EXILE、がん闘病中のFANTASTICS・中尾翔太にエールを贈る感動のLyric Videoを公開

EXILE, FANTASTICS during cancer fighting illness · Published an impressive Lyric Video that gives Yale to Shota Nakao Road to "STAR OF WISH" raised Original album scheduled to be released in the summer

Toward the national dome tour "EXILE LIVE TOUR 2018" STAR OF WISH "for the first time in 3 years from autumn EXILE distributing new songs on the first Friday for 6 consecutive months Today, the fourth song "Turn Back Time feat FANTASTICS "distribution startedLyric Video became open to the public

"Turn Back Time feat FANTASTICS" is It is an EXELE gifted ale song to everyone who follows dreams "People who are desperately trying to pursue their dreams and those who just started new life I wrote so that my feelings will be conveyed even a bit, "EXILE TAKAHIRO says

"Never give up your dream Let 's step it one step further "- TAKAHIRO wrote the lyrics with such feelings Every time EXILE member produces Lyric Video also produced by TAKAHIRO That Lyric Video is not just EXILE 50 people of EXILE TRIBE members appeared

With the thought that each and every person gets up quickly and stands on stage together again I am giving a message to Shota Nakao of FANTASTICS fighting illness I feel full of feelings to cherish my friends It is finished in Lyric Video whose mind is warming, EXILE gives with hearts Let's experience the ale to all people who pursue their dreams by watching lyric videos