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US Election online watcher’s guide

November 4th, 2008

NOTE: This page will be updating regularly from now until God-knows-when. Send me your suggestions here or leave a comment on this post.

Exciting times, folks. The hysteria surrounding these American elections really does make the British politics system Palin comparison. Geddit? (Sorry.)

After a brief Twitter chat with a friend, I thought it would be a good idea to make a little guide to all the best places to follow news and opinion as the action unfolds.

So here we go. If you have suggestions of your own, please comment/Twitter/or email. This is by no means a complete list — more the places I’ll be keeping an eye on as the action unfolds. Items listed in bold are personal recommendations.

VIDEO (streaming) – I’ll try and update these on the night as/when they go live

BBC News Channel (UK ONLY)
BBC US Election special section (Video link to come once online. My colleagues on ‘The Editors’ have explained all the things they have planned)
Sky News – Deadline USA (it’s not online yet, but look out for a CoverItLive! page on Sky, it could be good)
Fox News (US ONLY? Not working for me in UK)
CNN Politics
Al Jazeera English (Al Jazeera is also running this Facebook app)
ABC News (potentially awesome. Loads of video, but no live feed it seems. Judging by the comments on their lead story — 26,000 and counting — ABC could be the place for heated debate)


Twitter Election 08 (good for an overall snapshot, although I’m convinced it’s going to go down during the night)
Digg Elections 08 (great for the more quirky/viral viewpoints)
Election applications on Facebook (official election day ‘event’ is here)
Wikipedia (dedicated section that could be a handy resource… or may descend into mindless vandalism)
TwitterVoteReport (this’ll be the grand old duke tonight. When it’s up it’ll be up, but boy, when it’s down it’ll be very down. Hopefully it can stay alive — fantastic idea)


Times Online: White House 2008 (The London Times is so confident in its coverage it’s been forced to take out a Google ad. Ahem)
New York Times: Elections ‘08 (nothing too exceptional here, but it’s hard to knock the quality of writing in the Times)
USA Today: Politics (some real nifty interactive features here. And they’re in partnership with ABC News too, so expect some good video)


Yahoo! Elections (shaping up to be exceptional coverage. Forums, RSS feeds, blog feeds, interactive quizzes and applications. I’ll have Yahoo! open for much of the night. Hardly surprising they’re expecting a big turnout)
MSNBC Deadline Dashboard (I like the name of this… ‘dashboard’. A dashboard is certainly what it is. Change the page to your heart’s content. And turn the USA blue…)


Huffington Post (heavily pro-Obama, but plenty of lively writing from big-name bloggers)
Caucus Blog (New York Times)
Guardian Comment is Free US (more of a group blog feel to it for varying viewpoints)
Guardian Deadline USA
Tomasky (Guardian)
Justin Webb (BBC)
Mof Gimmers (Shiny Media)


The Onion

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