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The excitement of news

January 18th, 2009

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of getting a story. It’s a feeling I’m missing a bit right now. But I read this post from the awesome Reuters Photographers blog with a sense of knowing acknowledgement. Scrambling to action for a big story — you can’t beat it:

It took about a minute for the plane to drift behind a building. I only shot about 30 frames before it disappeared from sight again. At that point I ingested the images, made a selection, blew one up huge to confirm it was a US Airways plane and sent the first picture to our picture desk in Singapore for transmission to the wire.

Within minutes it seemed Brendan was back in front of me with pictures from ground level. He was able to shoot some pictures of passengers and grabbed a pedicab to take him back to Times Sq. His pictures kept the flow of fresh images flowing.

Eric Thayer arrived at the river and saw a group of firemen running to a big ferry boat. He asked if he could go aboard and was told yes, as long as he stayed out of the way. Eric was able to get up close to the plane and take some of the most dramatic photos of the day, of passengers in life rafts waiting to be rescued.


Awesome cit-journo shot of New York plane

January 16th, 2009

This brilliant image was taken by Janis Krums, a Twitter user (@jkrums) who in his day-to-day life works on improving the performance of athletes. But today he produced perhaps the best piece of photojournalism of the Hudson river crash.