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January 27th, 2010 by Dave Leave a reply »

I had lunch with two of my former tutors the other week.

Well, I say former, but really they still are my tutors. Example late-night panic text: “Debbie! How many words should a 30 second cue be?!”

Anyway – I met Debbie and Andrew in the bar at Bush House. I could have sat there for hours chatting about things media with them.

We chatted about blogging. This blog, in fact, which the eagle-eyed among you will know is pretty much dead. A busy job, you see, is a surefire way of sapping time away from a personal project like this.

Sad, really, because it was this blog that opened up the opportunities which got me the job I’m enjoying right now.

Andrew said it’s important that at the very least I write about what I’m up to – if only for my own benefit years from now.

So I’ve come up with this plan. Rather than spend hours pushing out well-crafted (ha!) posts – I think I’ll keep it simple. “5 things I’ve learned about…” is the theme. Just five things. And I’m starting later today.

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  1. Paul S. says:

    “And I’m starting later today.”

    Fatal mistake, Dave… ;-)

    Greetings from Lincoln!

  2. Welcome back. I for one have missed your blog. My own has suffered over the past year, like yours – nothing like pressure of work, eh? I’m trying to kickstart mine again and I’ll look forward to your regular 5 things.

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