I’d like to make a Google Reader bundle

November 1st, 2008 by Dave Leave a reply »

Seeing what RSS feeds other people subscribe to is a little bit like spying a new friend’s music collection for the first time. Seeing feeds you know and love brings out a bit of excitement in all of us.

ScreenShot014Anyhow, was looking at the Google Reader blog just now and noticed this post about the feeds Google engineers are subscribed to.

Very nice! I thought. Even better is the ability they give you to add these feeds as a ‘bundle’. A pre-packaged set of feeds that you can add to your Google Reader list all in one click.

How bloody useful.

Academics out there: Imagine how handy it would be to produce RSS feed bundles for your course. A Web 2.0 reading list, if you will.

Journalists out there: Imagine how handy it would be to be able to create a feed bundle which you could then share with your co-workers.

Publishers out there: Imagine how handy it would be to offer your readers a pre-made easy-install bundle of your publications RSS feeds.

Please Mr Google, allow us to make our own RSS bundles.

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  1. Tim says:

    You can make bundles Dave.

    In reader, create a folder and add all the feeds you wish to include in your bundle. Then go to settings and share that folder.

    For someone to subscribe they just have to be supplied with the right link, which is of the form:


    You can find your user number in your shared items link.


  2. Tim says:


    looks like the URL got messed up: here it is again:

    www dot google dot com / reader / public / atom / user / / label /

    Here’s an example for my data viz bundle

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