American Football = The worst sport ever created

February 4th, 2008 by Dave Leave a reply »

Honestly, it’s awful. Last night I watched “the greatest show on earth”, the Superbowl.

Complete arse from start to finish. Stop, start, stop, start, stop, start. That thing has more breaks than the Hollyoaks omnibus. And every time a player runs three feet, he’ll spend the next two minutes gesturing a bit and shouting “YEAHHH! OH YEAHHH!” at the top of his voice. If he runs four feet, then he’s in for some serious helmet slapping.

I used to think it was really complicated. It’s not. But the commentators make it so much worse. At first, I thought it was just because I didn’t know the game that well. I figured if I watched it for long enough I’d understand what all those numbers meant. But when the commentator mentioned “UK soccer ball” (I’m not even kidding…), I sat up and took notice. Surely, as they’re talking about a sport I know and love (and understand better than that muppet Uriah Rennie), I’d suddenly feel a sense of togetherness with my American friends.

“Since the NFL was over in England, Chelsea club have found playoff success with 16 and 4 with 8 and have reach league cup competition final.”

Horrendous. Just had to get that off my chest.

Another thing I noticed, was that they were playing in a University stadium. A UNIVERSITY! The size of it. It was massive. Our University ’stadium’ has 40 seats. Still, I’d rather watch Lincoln play Loughborough at footy than that overhyped, overcommercialised toss any day. Rule Britannia!

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