Good Reads: Has the crisis at the BBC damaged Britain’s favourite TV bulletin?

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Excellent media section in the Independent today. Here are my picks.

Ian BurrellHas the crisis at the BBC damaged Britain’s favourite TV bulletin?

This article’s biggest crime is perhaps the fact that it doesn’t really answer its own question. However, it’s an interesting look behind the scenes of a program (and it’s a program, not a bulletin, apparently) that has been forced into change.

Huw Edwards (right) takes center stage. His ‘bowser problem’ — he wasn’t sure of the word bowser as people may have not known what they meant — is a clever little anecdote that goes to show how intricate a news bulletin has to be. Make the crucial mistake of losing your audience in your first 40 seconds and you’ll never recover.

But they needn’t worry. The BBC 10 o’clock news had ratings peaking at 6.3 million last week.

Stephen Glover on the Press – TV coverage of the floods verged on red-top exaggeration

Hurrah! The voice of reason. Contrary to popular belief, England isn’t actually flooded from tip to toe. Which is a shame for our journalists, says Stephen.

In the second half of his column, he goes on to discuss Gordon Brown’s relationship with the Daily Mail: “Cynics will say Mr Brown is merely trying to keep it on side. He is aware of its power in Middle England, where he seems to be enjoying something of a honeymoon.”

I don’t think it’s a big issue. Papers don’t control public opinion as much as they once did. The Daily Mail is the least of Gordon’s worries, I’m sure.

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